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Concrete Pavers Make For Great Patios

What are pavers and why should I use them for my patio?

Pavers are manufactures stones made of concrete material. Pavers that are used to create patios come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. They are installed over a base of materials, ABC & screening. Once completed material called polymeric sand is used to fill in the space between the pavers.

This is a wonderful and popular way to build a new patio. Different pavers can be used together to create endless design styles. Paver patios are resourceful because they can be picked up and repaired or added/extended and naturally blend together. The color of the pavers can be enhanced if desired by sealing them. 


Popular Paver Brands

Techo Bloc - Keystone - Belgard - Unilock
As one of the top rated paver contractors near Lake Norman, we make sure that our clients have the opportunity to select from a large range of patio paver brands. By the time a client contacts us to get help with designing there paver patio project they normally have already spent time looking online to get inspiration. If you googled "Paver Patio Ideas", then be reassured you are not the first person.

Looking at examples of paver patio material online is an excellent idea, we at Lake Norman Hardscape firmly believe that going to look at the paver patio materials in person is just as important. Seeing first hand and touching the actual paver material in person truly makes a big difference when it comes to selecting the right paver to complete your new patio. This is just one of many ways that we guide our clients to the finished paver patio they are wanting.

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