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Hardscape Design & Install

At Lake Norman Hardscapes, our full-service design/build process encompasses all aspects of your project from concept to construction.

Our design services include: consultations, site reviews, topography, complete schematic drawings, design specifications, and proposals. Our construction services include: pre-construction meetings, project management, scheduling, on-site crew managers, landscape construction, and walk through.

Our team of experienced project managers oversee every detail of your project through both design and construction, tightening up communication and ensuring a smooth process.

From concept to creation, we offer many services to help your dream project come true!


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For the last 2 decades Peter Contastathes & Michael Klakulak have been proud to work and be a part of the Lake Norman and Charlotte Community. The first thing you need to know about Peter and Michael is that their family are first and for most. When they are not working with clients they are spending time enjoying their loved ones. This is one of the reasons they care so much about the work they do. The amazing outdoor spaces they create are places that help to bring other families together, families just like yours.
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Lake Norman Hardscapes
Mission & Creed

Every member of the Lake Norman Hardscape team is committed to creating exceptionally functional, enjoyable and beautiful hardscapes while providing outstanding customer service. The passion and mission of our company is the Golden Rule through our honesty, integrity, work ethic, and the manner in which we conduct ourselves daily. 


At Lake Norman Hardscapes, we constantly strive to go above and beyond for our customers through each stage of the landscape design & installation process. We treat every customer relationship with the utmost care and attention, seeking to create the best experience possible for the customer. Lake Norman Hardscapes goal is to create customers for LIFE!
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