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What Is A Flagstone Patio?

Flagstone is a natural stone that comes in different shades and colors which makes it a great choice when you’re matching surrounding stone and other landscaping, and is a favorite with many homeowners and landscape artists because of its natural beauty and durability that is unmatched. At times it is referred to as flagstone pavers.

Common types of flagstone are Tennessee Crab Orchard
 and Pennsylvania Blue Stone in North Carolina because they match most of our existing rocks.

While flagstone patios are elegant they give any area a natural look that can’t be done with brick pavers or concrete. Not only are flagstone patios durable and beautiful, and if they are installed properly they require very little maintenance and the older they get, they look great when they’re weathered and stained.

Flagstone comes in different sizes and if you want a flagstone patio, we’ll use a flagstone that’s around 1-2 inches thick. The flagstones can be installed in an irregular shape which looks very natural. Another options is to use pre-cut flagstone that can have the look of an ashlar pattern.

Our preferred method for installing is know as the "Wet" method. This technique has the flagstones being set in wet concrete mix which gives it a permanent and solid foundation.  After the flagstones are set in place, a piping bag is used to created the clean and finished looking mortar joints. This is the most durable process that will keep your patio looking great for years to come. 

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Flagstone Is Your Truly Custom Patio Option - Great Ideas & Designs

What makes flagstone patios special and unique is that each is a one of a kind. No two flagstone patios are they same because they can't be. A flagstone patio that we install in a Davidson home will always be difference then one that we build for a Huntersville's family.

This is also why flagstones are know for being a high end material and is often the preferred material for high end homes around the lake from Mooresville, Huntersville, Denver to Cornelius.

Beautiful homes love to incorporate the beauty that the natural stones offer. 


Flagstone Patios Are Timeless

Like anything else in life there can be popular trends when it comes to outdoor patios. The flagstone patios that our talented installers create never go out of style. The new patio that we build for you today will still be as beautiful and trendy 5, 10, 20 years from now. 
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